360Clash is now LIVE

360Clash is now LIVE

Thank you for the continued support and good words for the last 3 years! We are happy to announce that our platform is now out of BETA and ready for use by the broad public. 🎉

Organizers, now it’s time to apply via [email protected] or fill out the form. 💪

We are now working to onboard organizers and offer incentives to bring tournaments to our platform. You can expect more tournaments each month! But keep in mind that we are still working to harden our platform and onboarding new organizers will take some time. Our main goal is to have high-quality tournaments (quality over quantity).

What’s new?
– New format for racing (best lap)
– Live chat (tournament and match chat, no more Discord!)

– Offline tourmanets without registration of teams and players
– Embed your bracket and results on the website (iframe)
– 100+ bug fixes and improvements

Attention! We are continuously working on new features and updates and the platform could still experience short downtime/maintenance. Downtimes should not be longer than a few minutes.

Yours, the team 360Clash 🫶

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