360Clash BETA stage

360Clash BETA stage

Thank you for the continued support and good words for the last 3 years! We are happy to announce that our platform is ready for the BETA stage. 🎉

The BETA stage can have bugs and glitches and you should be aware that:
– the platform is not as stable as we would want it but we are daily improving and fixing bugs
– you could experience short downtimes or disrupted services
– we are doing critical fix deployments throughout the day and therefore random errors or short downtimes (a minute or two) can happen
– some pages or features could not load as expected
– other buggy things can happen, that’s why the BETA stage.

All submitted data will remain and will not be deleted. All accounts and sensitive data is properly encrypted and secured.

We are working hard to bring you a LIVE platform asap but we can’t get ahead of ourselves. We must deliver high-quality features as our idea is to help organizers not make an additional nightmare on the running tournament (you know what we mean 😛) and therefore we are testing things out on our own hosted tournaments.

At the same time, we are happy to announce that you can now apply for organizer. Get in touch via [email protected] or fill out the form. 💪

Yours, the team 360Clash 🫶

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