360 Clash is a next level tournament platform.

Organizer friendly

Accept payments
Simple to use
Free to use

Designed and coded by organizers that couldn’t find a suitable platform to scale to the next level! Organize free or entry-fee tournaments with ease and focus on other parts of your tournament.

Full automation

You can let users registere, join tournmanet and enter scores or everything is done by your team.


All in one place! No more chatting with players and organizers on third-party platforms.

Match conflicts

Let players enter scores and if something is wrong they can call organizers in match chat to help.

Home page

All your tournaments and info about your organization on one place. Simple and clean.

Team managment

Manage your organization’s team member’s permission with ease and run several tournaments.


We are always here to help! Each organization gets a dedicated platform member to help out.

Entry fee

Organize tournaments with entry fees and you decide how to split prizes between organization and players.


Manage your organization’s funds to pay staff, and players or organize new tournaments.

Free to use

The platform is free to use for organizers and players. Additional fees apply only on entry fee tournaments.
Simple and easy to use

For players and teams

360 Clash is designed to be simple and easy to use. Create teams, join tournaments, and win prizes, Entering tournaments with an entry fee is simple, and we take care that prizes are always paid.

Create or join teams
Join tournaments
Tournament chat
Personal wallet
Join cash tournaments
Create organization
Secure and safe
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